I’m Not Angry; This is Just Our Reality….

This alone justifies the WikiLeaks State Department dump:

(More here.)

(More here.)

How Republicans hate you: Scrap Social Security.

Assholes: All Republicans. Fact. And here are their priorities: dead wrong.

Flash! The Republicans claim to discover fiscal responsibility, actually no longer believe increased revenues would take care of the deficit ballooned by the current economy. (Link.)

An asshole gets what he deserves:

Our Leaders gladly screw the unemployed. But there’s handouts a’plenty for Wall Street speculators. (More here.) One would think the speculators benefit more from a weak economy than one good for most Americans….

When it comes to the foreclosure crisis, only the courts are doing the right thing. The elected pols, not at all.

This would be awesome. Me, I’m not so hopeful it’ll actually happen….

TSA groping includes little kids.

Asshole: President Sarah Palin. Again.

Asshole: Hateful, deranged President Mick Huckabee. If he’s putting out hits, may I put one out on him.

The Republicans’ War on Xmas. Fact.

Failure of the Times: Inexplicably thinks Jamie Dimon is America’s least-hated banker? Least-hated? How?? To ignorant felatist reporters? Wall Street whores? Not by anyone who actually knows anything. Vile scumbag in fact….

Classic asshole: Freaky looking Andy "Stein", ex-lover of Ann Coulter, now felon.

Failure of the Times: Just overlook the most important fact.

Good deeds:

(About the viddie here.)

So the record companies are in awful shape. But the artists, over all, aren’t suffering. (Link.)

Verizon Wireless = pigs.

How websites spy on you.

Waaaatttcchhhhh this:

Xmas revolution:


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