Obombalooza, Where We’re All Losers

Unfortunately, Obomba has a goyische kopf:

Rejoice not at thine enemy’s fall – but don’t rush to pick him up either. — Jewish Proverb

Only the mediocre are always at their best. — Jean Giraudoux

It’s not our forefathers’ slavery: Life in the American corpratist paradise. Workers of the world: It’s time to get yourselves new masters:

How America died. How else America died is here.

Clearly, there is nothing to worry about, nothing needed for Our Leaders to do except cut taxes for the wealthy and obsess over WikiLeaks.
Sad but true and no joke.

Tort reform truth.

Answer: Of course not. Question: Here.

Defenders of Obomba, defend this Obombination: This convinces me to try the Alex Cockburn radical leftist choice in Election 2012 — vote for the Republican and hope their awful policies triggers a, well, revolutionary response because this is unacceptable:

The organization formerly known as Obama for America is asking supporters to write letters in support of a federal pay freeze. (Link.)

Obomba again refuses to lead. Selling out his supporters, yes, lead, no.

Toldja! The WikiLeaks State Dept. dump will only be as important as we make it. It’s a pretty benign release of, well, knowledge, for us to use or ignore. Even Robert Gates is underwhelmed.

The Fed sticks the taxpayers with more costs for irresponsible greedy lenders’ self-inflicted losses. (Link. Too bad the top flight journos at the Times failed to get this story….)

Ah, Big Media journos are needed to teach us illiteracy and ignorance:

John D’Agostino, drawer of Archie and GI Joe, dies

First name is misspelled and “drawer”? Like a piece of furniture? He didn’t so much draw the book as drew in ink over others’ pencil drawings.

Someone tries to turn the TSA abomination into a joke:

Oh wait, TSA patdowns are part of a homosexual agenda according to a President Palin wannabe (or fellow traveller retard of the President).

The damn movie would have been much better if they actually used the songs:


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