What an Incredible World….

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. — Voltaire

Sweet dream:

Can we make a scientific way of thinking all pervasive? — Brian Cox

Toldja! The mainstream media, in its efforts to keep the establishment — their bosses — happy will be downplaying and ignoring the Wiki State Department leaks, like this wanker here. Of course, on a certain level not so much of this should be news — we’ve known it for ages — but having it substantiated, that’s big. And let me propose Wiki and their leakers for the next Nobel peace prize.

A whole bunch of great questions about the Wiki State Department dump.

Knowledge-hating assholeRep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a leader who makes the case for anarchy. More hereCan’t be worst than being led, as we are, by his ilk. I mean, a breaking down system of law, thoroughly corrupted leadership….

Coming from WikiLeaks?

If you don't have the strength to deal with the main Wikileaks dump site, start with a click on the image....

Obomba to homeowners: Drop dead!

Obomba: The most cowardly president ever? Is he? Will the Fails ever stop? On the other hand, President Palin is a retard.

Doomed! Structural unemeployment explained:

So where’s the evidence of a structural rise in unemployment in America? Wage growth is slowing; core inflation is falling; clearly, we’re not hitting an inflationary wall right now. Maybe the wall is closer than it seems — but then you look for evidence of skills in short supply, regions without enough workers, and so on, and it isn’t there. (Link to the rest.)

Copyright fascism on the march. Our Leaders engage in empty, pointless posturing and little more.

Attention, terrorists: The TSA let’s you all come and go as you wish if you’re an air caterer. Pilots, not. (Link.)

What else the TSA does.

Coming? Preparing for landing and disembarking and customs by stripping in flight?

Actually, the TSA is pretty much a big waste — so says someone who knows his stuff, Bruce Schneier.


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