Really, I’m Thankful for Stuff, Just Nothing in this Post :)

What I seek to transcend:

In most instances, all an argument proves is that two people are present. — /.

A prayer, a day late, likely of no help since we’re past that point:

Doomed! Dunno whether I’ve linked to this before but M. Taibbi does a fine job explaining what’s wrong with the foreclosure crisis, more particularly, note just about every way that’s wrong with it. Me, I’ve been wrapping my head around the concept that the real expansion of the federal debt pols should, but are bribed not to, worry about is the socialization of speculators’ losses, that the public sector is required to reimburse speculators for their losses. Can’t wrap your mind around the idea of the public giving speculators money for bad bets? Read this and get started….

Note: Graphic created long before the current boom topped. But even in 2006, it was clear and ugly.

Play with this while you’re waiting to get imaged in the nude and/or groped by TSA professionals — all in the name of preventing terrorists from leaving our nation.

Noted: The Islamofascist terrorists have created an industry in America and thereby created jobs and wealth. Not a joke — fact. (Crappiness of Windows has done the same thing.)

The latest version of the old rightist shibboleth: Just because a government keeps the truth about another country from its people, somehow the second nation cannot even consider that the first country knows anything that not publicized. And, for that matter, that making the secrets and/or lies public would do any significant harm. Please. There will be some embarassment and then that’s it. I say: Good for WikiLeaks. Truth is that little as knowledge is respected, in fact knowledge is power. Let all truths be revealed.

Why kill Obomba? I’d kill all Republican from voters on up and maybe throw in a bunch of Wall Street speculators. Everything you hate about what Obomba’s done is because of giving in to Republican demands so it’s pretty clear where the blame lies. I suppose the inability to perceive reality may be the basis for this guy’s insanity defense….

Rupert’s Times of London paywall: Great success or horseshit? Read this and decide.

Serious embarrassment” = horseshit.


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