America: Goodbye to the Two Party System, Hello, One Party Hegemony

No matter how cynical you get, it’s impossible to keep up. — /.

They always talk who never think. — Matthew Prior

Barack Obomba, closet conservative? So we’re benefitting from corrupt single-party rule…?

A solution? Allowing states to secede?

No need to worry about gridlock, apparently. The future looks blood red.

(More here.)

How to fly right.

Doomed! Trickle-down economics is a proven lie, but still the basis for Our Leaders and their owners’ policies.

Assholes: Florida courts and their hatred of the rule of law, homeowners and the middle class. (Link.)

Who wants to get slaughtered when there’s nothing to be thankful for, say “Gobble!”:

Click on Wonder Woman to see who's poisoning our kids.

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