America, Past Twilight

See how good you do on this.

Assholes: President Palin and Murdoch Publishers/HarperCollins — haters of knowledge.

Traitors: All Republicans. Think I exaggerate? Read this and you’ll know I’m right.

Doomed! Yes, it’s pretty much this simple:

All the banksters are utterly corrupt, including the ones we partially own, the regulators don’t know anything and don’t care, and this is the system Treasury has put its faith in. (Link.)

Success! Them TSA airport screeners embarrass someone else for no good reason.

An obituary for the rule of law in America.

When I say corruption is endemic…. All of this can only happen in a society in corruption-fuelled collapse:

I guess it’s no surprise that the health insurance industry funneled $86 million to various groups in an attempt to derail health care reform, even though they promised Obama they would wouldn’t work against reform. Actually, is anyone surprised by this? (Link.)

Instead what’s being offered are Social Security and Medicare cuts and higher regressive taxes in exchange for tax cuts for rich people. (Link.)

Apparently ‘deficit reduction’ is just Washington code for increasing taxes on poor and middle class people and cutting taxes for rich people. (Link.)

California’s next budget catastrophe is just another reminder that this economic crisis is not over. It was never over. It’s distressing watching our political system being absolutely unable to even come close to dealing with the problems we face. (Link.)

HAMP became a government blessed predatory lending system. (Link.)

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) is conducting about 50 criminal investigations at U.S. banks that have failed since the start of the financial crisis, the Wall Street Journal said. (Link.)

The appropriate fix for the foreclosure crisis – principal reductions through various possible means – was always obvious. And they didn’t do it. And now everyone is paying the goddamn price. (Link.)

During exchanges on the twitter, it occurred to me that even Republican challengers didn’t for the most part run on the bad economy/unemployment. They ran on issues more separate from peoples’ lives (stimulus spending, deficit) and on being the great defenders of Medicare. Our political press isn’t putting jobs front and center, and neither are our politicians.

Well the unemployed are all losers anyway, so there’s that. (Link.)

And pass my plan or I’ll blow it up and take most of the world with it. (Link.)

Rich guy thinks it was great that all the rich guys got a bailout. (Link.)

All the Very Serious People spent years laughing at silly Japan and their “lost decade” and how stupid they were and blah blah blah, when the truth was that the economy of Japan was never all that bad. The dirty little secret is Japanese unemployment peaked just above 5.5%. (Link.)

As Steve says, any White House planning that doesn’t assume the worst from Republicans is at best pointless. (Link.)

The mortgage foreclosure crisis cannot be resolved. Not because there isn’t a solution because Our Leaders have been paid not to fix the problem because it would hurt the lenders fully deserving to be punished for their wrongful acts. Note that this is a false hope; it won’t lead to anything helpful. (I should say, won’t lead to anything terribly helpful but this does a decent enough job spelling out the problem.)

A small blow for freedom. Props to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

More to worry about: China’s coming conquest of the West. It’s coming, and here’s why maybe we should be worried. Our Leaders have adopted Big Business’ refusal to worry about tomorrow and to care only about today — a lesson of RJR-Nabisco.

God, we’ve left our kids no future worth crap. (I should add that as a failure and an obvious dissident to current beliefs, attitudes and acts, I’m free of any direct guilt.)

Life after Potter:

What it takes to be a successful, modern Big Media journalist.

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