Notes from a Now-Safer America, and More

Reminder: In case you’re in doubt, Yes, the Republicans hate you; they hate you so much, they don’t want you to have a tax cut.

Reminder needed: Which terrorists were nabbed because of domestic TSA screening? I’m asking because of this. And this:

Sources at the TSA are bitterly angry that CNN is covering the global horror at the new pornoscanner/genital-fondling procedure: because, you know, it hurts their feelings. Unlike, say, irradiating breast-cancer survivorsterrorizing three year olds, or sexually assaulting mothers while their children look on. Diddums. (Link.)

Flash: TSA groping has accomplished this: a sexual assault suit!

The Making of the President 2012: How President Palin was elected.

What is the mainstream media doing in response to Republican lies? So little, their damn near irrelevant.

Your doctor’s right. There is a medical malpractice crisis. But’s not one of excessive litigation (a still fact-free canard). Actually, crises. And this is one of them.

If you need a job, there’s this, maybe:


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