Terrorists are Kept Out of this Post Thanks to Enhanced Security and Virtual Fondling of Each Reader

When in doubt tell the truth. — Mark Twain

You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public. — Scott Adams

Betcha feel safer just looking at this!

And apropos that warning sign, there’s this. And the recent hero says this about that:

I don’t want anybody but my wife and maybe my doctor touching me in the places these people are touching me. — Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

Target: Freedom!

American Justice in these here United States.

Assholes: Texas. Click on the image for why now.

Doomed! Because the Republicans really do want to make things worse. There is only one real thing on their agenda: The continued upward transfer (not creation) of wealth by any means possible. A little more reason here.

Willow Palin hates gays.

Republicans also want to make the world more dangerous. Truth!

Doomed! Because the Republicans are againstcultivating growth“.

F*** Chris Christie, thief, asshole. Here’s how it may happen.


Asshole: Bobby Jindal.

Asshole: Rush Limbaugh; the latest.

See the problem?

Xmas has come obscenely early this year. And look what it's doing to Santa. Forget milk and cookies. The old fiction clearly wants to find a bottle of Jack.
No joke, just kind of awesome.
Why is this woman smiling? Click on the image to find out!

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