Oh, Snap! I Forgot the Good News. Oh, Wait, There Wasn’t Any

Also, why we’re doomed:

One picture is worth... and all that. Forget all the partisan idiocy and lies. The problem with the economy is right here, and this is why when anyone talks about other recessions they're ignorant or a partisan liar. The others were speculative manias gone bad. This is essentially the middle class getting hammered. If you can't understand why that's significantly different....

Yes, corporations are sitting on lots of cash — but why should they expand capacity when weak consumer demand means they aren’t using the capacity they have? (Link.)

Uber-Big Media asshole: Howard Kurtz. He begs the question: Has the Big Media journalism operations reached a tipping point of fatal irrelevance? And Tina Brown is another zombie. Newsweek needs exactly what she failed to do at the New Yorker. And she’s going to do it in a dying newsweekly? And query: Why would anybody record NBC news? I’m stumped.

Assholes: The heads of Valdosta State U. Yes, I know it’s Georgia, which would explain a lot….

Them naked scanners soon to make a porn star of you at work? Don’t really work well enough to be worth the effort but it’s a corrupt society and bribery sets policy…. (Link.)

Republicans are right: No need for Obomba’s severely limited healthcare reform. Who needs to be covered?

Forget the Republicans’ hubris, fueled by the demented Big Media. Election 2010 was little more than a spasm and, to switch metaphors, the pendulum’s already ready to swing back to 2008-like results. Why? Because the traitors are already hated.

What else Obomba should do but doesn’t have the balls. This will not happen. Should but won’t. Again.

Needed: Far more people like this.

Glad we're all on the same page. Not.

Now if Mother Nature could pull this trick off the next State of Union speech I for one would be grateful — okay, the next Republican convention, too, and the bad part of lower Manhattan…:


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