Gloom with a Little Sunshine

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg:

Isn’t it odd, that people like to fight for their religion but unwillingly live after its prescriptions.

If moderation is a fault then indifference is a crime.

Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinion at all.

A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he resents.

Who needs to waste a few hours reading Beloved Leader’s lies (who in God’s name believes the brand new fetus story?) when you can get the truth in minutes:

True? Something to think about:

But the bitter irony goes deeper than that: the main reason Mr. Obama finds himself in this situation is that two years ago he was not, in fact, prepared to deal with the world as he was going to find it. And it seems as if he still isn’t.


Mr. Obama could and should be hammering Republicans for trying to hold the middle class hostage to secure tax cuts for the wealthy. He could be pointing out that making the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent is a huge budget issue — over the next 75 years it would cost as much as the entire Social Security shortfall. Instead, however, he is once again negotiating with himself, long before he actually gets to the table with the G.O.P. (Link.)

There is no reason to continue the Bush tax cuts. As to benefits of middle class taxcuts: a few hundred dollars a year really makes up for all the destroyed middle class wealth and jobs. Right.

Doomed! Today’s short version; in a word, a broad-based refusal to do anything productive (yes, pun intended).

How the world works, short version — and yes, it’s just this simple, it’s called endemic corruption:

But this is government we’re talking about. A program or product doesn’t need to be effective, it only needs to have a good lobby. (Link.)

Three vile Republican women (none of whom are First Lady Cindy McCain), none of whom got elected despite spending tens of millions of dollars.

“But medical costs must be controlled somehow, or nothing works.” And this is what Obomba’s healthcare reform, thanks to his early caving in the hope that those whose sole agenda was to make him fail would, in fact failed to do. Could have, but it was one of the first things he eliminated. Now we have the two-year Republican Restoration when nothing will get done.

Only Big Finance’s Republican puppets care about the deficit (not that it’s even actually a significant problem because, in true Republican fashion, it will be mostly remedied by increased receipts when the economy recovers… in a few decades if the Republicans have their way:

The Fail of the Deficit Reduction Noise Machine Commission: Failed to do what it was supposed to do, that simple.

It’s amazing how everyone in the Big Media allows themselves to be played by President Palin.

Rule of law? Not in America anymore.

Just to make up for all the recent doom and gloom, a rerun of a steamy-hot video:


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