Is This A Great Country Or What? Fresh Clues!

God speaks; a reason to take pride in America.(If the embed works.)

When the going gets tough, Our Leaders make things worse. “Legalizing” MERS merely worsens the mess. MERS can’t own an instrument, it’s a registering agency. And at the end of the day, the day problem is a broken chain of title and this would change nothing.

The Republican game-plan: Crap up the economy and the nation by messing with the non-problem of deficits that no one cares about because there are more important problems they’ll ignore or exacerbate. And to further impoverish the middle class. And Teabaggers, your guys are going to give you want: lower taxes, smaller government, lost of your wealth and loss of your job.

“Sen. Conrad: Extend All Tax Cuts; Time to Get ‘Serious’ About Deficit”

Why there’s hope: Because the Republicans can only talk about cutting the budget, they cannot do anything significant.

Asshole: Chris Christie, lying thief. Federal funds that can help the New York/New Jersey region are unacceptable. Federal funds for his personal benefit, those are fine.

Asshole: Gay-teaser First Lady Cindy McCain.

The Republicans are also, somehow, taking over foreign policy.

How much corruption in American leadership can you tolerate?

Job Growth for Dummies: 150,000 a month (not getting them yet) is not enough to pull us out of this (and of course this on top of the inadequate growth during Beloved Leader’s reign of speculation- and debt-fuelled prosperity).

It gets better? Maybe, but “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” lives again.

Another obit — or reality check — for America.

Can’t wait for Roe v Wade redux. (More here.)

“Decision Points”? Lies of a narcissistic dry drunk is more accurate.

Beloved Leader: He may well have been the utter, complete idiot we thought he was after all.

We can all be porn stars now:

(More here.)

Can this help bring us a desperately needed revolution:


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