This May Be Short But It’s No Calm Before A Storm

There is a strength in the union even of very sorry men. — Homer

Mystery! Seriously, who gives a f*** what First Lady Cindy McCain says, and why would the Times think anyone does?

Twilight of the Big Media: What kind of mind thinks there’s any importance to putting Nut Gingrich, President John Sidney McCain III, Maestro of Fail Alan Greenspan and complete loser Harold Ford on Meet the Press? Not a single one has anything but the most awful lies to present. There really is nothing more important for the press to look at other than to give exposure to these awful, irrelevant people? That they were on the Social Security Destruction commission merely shows that the project was a farce from the get-go — nothing helpful could be produced by a panel with these people on it.

The ADL is shameful. It actually doesn’t have a problem with Glenn Beck’s Republican/dry drunk anti-Semitism. The ADL now enables hate.

Email these traitors now, give them a piece of your mind.

Obvious enough?

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