America, Land of the… Whatever… Not So Free….

Props to our vets. I love you even if Our Leaders (both parties, Republicans a little moreso though) don’t.

There is nothing new in this world except the history you do not know. — Harry S. Truman

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. — Henry Ford

What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth. — Jewish Proverb

Viva la revolution? Why not a revolution? An oligarchy’s better?

Gone! A little more freedom lost to the greed-crazed capitalists who can no longer make money, just steal it.

Life in these here United States: Actual income growth has been flat for decades, life expectancy as well.

Doomed! Our Leaders reach a new low with mind-blowing fiscal irresponsibility.

Doomed! President Palin is either breath-takingly stupid or just a really disgusting panderer. The latest is here. And her accomplishments are here. No, really.

America today: Oligarchy, Chinese vassal.

Where’s the upside here? Obomba wusses out on fiscally irresponsible Bush taxcuts, vows to veto any repeal of healthcare “reform” — and death by budget cuts, the wuss is going to veto an entire budget over it? Obomba? Of course, the Bush tax cuts are essential for allowing the wealthy to have enough wealth for wild speculation….

Pelosi predicts: Unemployed who voted for Republicans will get no help from Republicans. Anyone want to bet against her?

Attention, Wall Street: Advise of the day:

“All these rules, rules, rules,” he said with his hand on an open page of the Talmud. “But you know what you have if you don’t have rules? You end up with a bunch of pills in your stomach. When you don’t know when to say when and no one tells you no, you go off the deep.” (Link.)

Doomed! Fiscal responsibility Republican-style: Just hallucinate.

The Dems’ plan: Get more Blue Dogs.


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