There is always time for failure. — John Mortimer

Click on the photo to find out why President Palin really is supremely, if not uniquely, qualified to be the president of a nation with an electorate made up predominantly of retards. No, really. I am not joking.

Go here and be reminded what we had and are losing because of the Restoration. Things will now get better??

Attention, Democratic leadership: Your party has been purged of traitors. Please proceed accordingly and create a cohesive majority.

Asshole: Jersey governor Chris Christie: Turns down federal money for commuter tunnel to ease commutation and reduces car use for commuting, lying that it would save the state money — and gets the state billed $271 million by the Feds. We all need governors like him. Maybe for target (figuratively speaking) practice.

I guess it can’t get better if all Our Leaders hate gays. (Of course, they all particularly hate their military troops.)

Maybe it’s me, but I find the idea that Comcasts’ customers, not the merged companies’ earnings, paying for this ridiculous merger a little wrong.

Assholes: Texas; the latest reason.

Sad but true.

America under attack:

Sweet. No, really.



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