Wha’s Poppin’!

Reader(s), I give you the President of the United States of America.

Doomed! Thank you, American electorate. Schwarzenegger having failed in California provides the disasterous policies the Republicans will spread to all the statehouses they control.

Doomed! The hubris of the Republicans and the stupidity of the American voter. By all means, Mr. Voter, put the destroyers back in power as if in some way impossible, irrational way they can fix things they don’t care to fix. And you Republicans: This reich may not even last two years. Enjoy. All the voter knows is to reject. What started that mini-rant? Partly this.

The Republicans are actually fine with pork. If they say anything to the contrary, they’re lying.

This certainly doesn’t look good for the old print journalism outlets. Oh, wait, people actually read stuff on Kindles and iPads and even buy stuff to read on them. If a paper went all digital, it would save…? Idea! Maybe some enterprising mucky-muck at a newspaper or magazine will actually read an article about what they can’t figure out on their own!? As a blogger, I myself per se know nothing so my opinion is worthless, just maybe prescient.

American justice: Love thy rapist.

Hypothesis proven: You don’t need stuff to teach kids if you have dedicated, devoted teachers.

Hypothesis proven: If you’re rich enough, you can get away with near-murder.

Cute: Sarah Palin believes she’s president already! Let’s just cancel Election 2012 and appoint her like Beloved Leader.

So what’s the point; God wants us all to be retards or Jobs:



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