Here Comes Tomorrow

We had to add a feature to the child’s cell: the ability to find out where she, or at least, her cell would be.

Called ATT, had everything set up, managed to log in to the phone-tracking website, and went to look.

What a miserably clunky website. Slow, a little clumsy.

Meanwhile, as I was signing up, got a text to download the app for the iPhone so I could track by cell.

The app is a quantum better than the website. Faster, simpler, and with more features. When the phone is found, I get options like calling or texting.

Why would I use the website?

Last night, transferred money out of my PayPal account by phone app. Again, simpler, easier, faster than the website.

Why would I use the website?

And this is the future. This and the iPad and next summer’s update to MacOS, where iOS sends features back to the Mac. With the Mac App Store, a nickel says the streamlined, direct efficiency of the iPhone and iPad. Come to the Mac. (And another nickel says a crappy version comes with Windows 9 (too late for Win8)).

To me, it’s a little amazing.

And, oh, this was written on my iPhone.


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