Now the Golden Age is Now

What I don’t understand: All these squeaky close elections. How?Why? Is it me, or do they seem strange, too common…?

Doomed! Obomba’s bipartisan-based economic Fail of 2009 — and now even less will get done. Let’s watch the corrupt free market that created the disaster correct it.

Under the Republican Restoration, Our Leaders will focus on complete wasteful idiocy.

Sad, true, and a bad sign.

The nation’s with the world’s best healthcare system would have particularly dishonest medical journals reporting dishonest studies, huh?

How the TSA keeps us safe: By placing white powder in travelers’ bags then threatening them with arrest for possession.

How Stupid is born and spreads:

A milestone in stupid? Cooks Source Magazine. (I’d add Election 2010 as a candidate but that involved mostly replacing Republican-simpatico Democrats with actual Republicans so there’s actually not much of an actual mandate — a story the Elite Media appear to be having trouble with.)

New Zealand sucks too.

Canada sucks too.

Back in the USSR; before Photoshop, this was high tech photo manipulation:

Stevie in her prime. ‘Nuff said, now watch:

Must see to believe, or better yet, pass, but if you need to see it, here:


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