Next: Two Years of Paralysis — Just What America Needs

Men willingly believe what they wish. — Gaius Julius Caesar

The two symbols of the Republican Party: an elephant, and a big fat white guy who is threatened by change. — Seth MacFarlane

The crisis will not improve, will slightly worsen….. Hope Our Leaders stop knocking Japan, because Election 2010 assured that’s what we’ll be….


Maybe America was saved from complete disaster by the Teabaggers? The Times empowers them notwithstanding their few victories.

My district, the NY19 sends to Congress an absolute lousy piece of shit as our representative.

My new Congress-person, Nan Hayworth.
What drives the crazies crazy.

Doomed! The really short version why.

About this, Krugman’s wrong; a significant percentage of voters really rather be pandered to than to have to know and understand what’s actually being done.

Litmus test of the day: Who actually believes Beloved Leader could have dumped President Cheney in 2004?

Isn’t this interesting: The iPhone 4 distribution channel is still, albeit less, constrained. Do the math…. And then there’s this. $400 a share by December 2011? I’m not sure Republican leadership can prevent it….

This is how it works. Far more true than funny....

Me, I didn’t hate JarJar — was just offended by him:



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