Never Still not too late for this.

Worth a rerun:

And if there’s a blow-out today, you’re going to see this tomorrow and…

This is our financial system and if you don’t see how deliriously wrong it is, you’re part of the problem and can never be part of the solution:

As I say, you could see it in the housing crisis, where a lot of the right-wing think tanks blamed the individual and the government for the collapse.  Now, even though there were people who were taking out mortgages that they couldn’t afford, or taking out lots of home equity in order to buy big, flat-screen TVs—everyone always says flat-screen TVs—I think that, this is just a guess, but for every person who was drawing down his home equity to buy a flat-screen TV, or an SUV, there were two people who were drawing it down to pay medical bills or college bills, basically trying to make ends meet.  Middle class wages have been declining for ten years and stagnant for thirty years, and if you have a financial system that allows people making $15,000 a year to take out $400,000 mortgages, I don’t think that’s the fault of the guy making $15,000.  I think it’s the fault of the financial system. — James Kwak

Come the Republican Restoration, we’ll get global warming on the march.

When the Republicans win, cyber-criminals will win with them. (We know Republicans love big, successful criminals.)

I guess taking on gobs of debt to pay too much for a media outlet still isn’t a good idea is still stupid.

Lying asshole: Rupert Murdoch, King of the Paywall Fail.

Are these journalists or what?

I guess Coney Island is just about completely irrelevant now.




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