Apocalypse Tomorrow

Materialism is substance abuse. — Ben Price

Win or lose, the Teabaggers will actually lose if they win because their guys are going to make their lives worse for them — and, unfortunately, for us as well.

‘Nuff said:

Apropos that mini-rant: You know the Teabaggers will get no more than lip service from the Republicans after the Restoration, just like the Christofascists. Unfortunately, the Restoration will harm the entire nation…

Before you vote, read this! You’re for this or you’re against America.

Doomed! Redux and more reason why here, because it can never be explained enough since the Media Elite can’t lavish enough attention on the issue what with all the crazy Republicans and Teabaggers to cover.

Krugman wonders: “You really have to wonder if economics has become completely unmoored from evidence, whether anything can ever convince anyone that they were wrong.” Rightwing political economic analysis completely has; no need to wonder about something as obvious as the sun shining….

Forget their words. The Teabaggers acts say they hate African-Americans and people of color.

Something like apocalyptic wisdom here.

Approximately the last word on that 4 year old getting sued.

Poor Aston Martin: Makes such a fine recovery then stars as the opening victim of Bond in “Quantum of Solace”, then this:


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