A Big One Before Another Slide Further Down The Slippery Slope….

If followed, this would put the Teabaggers out of business.

Now I remember why to vote: While the differences between the parties are relatively slight, they’re nonetheless significant. A restoration of the Republicans to power will assuredly result in things getting worse. Dems essentially in power, not as bad, maybe even some slight improvements. (Easy tip: Ask yourself in regard to each every one of Obomba’s Fails: Would the Republicans have done it better? Of course not.)

Maybe Obomba’s playing rope-a-dope — he wants Congress in GOP hands because while there may not be a double dip to the Great Recession — since it’s L-shaped, a second dip is irrelevant — there’s some major crap about to hit and he wants the Republicans to be the ones to get hit with it. You know, make 2012 2008-redux. Not an awful plan, actually. And even if it’s not his plan, with the right timing, the voters will make it so.

This is in fact bad news: 2% GDP growth. That Wall Street failed to tank over it does not mask the reality. I mean, it does for the Elite Media’s whores, but in a real world, bad, very bad. Of course, the whores also had trouble wrapping their minds around the idea that lousy job growth during Beloved Leader’s bogus economic boom was significant.

Atrisos appears to have this backwards: Yes, deadbeats should be foreclosed on by proper parties in legitimate situations. But the victims of predatory lending practices? Why should the victim suffer or worse, the criminal be rewarded? That’s Our Leaders* policy. (*By “Our Leaders”, I mean leaders of both parties.) As for the coming crisis, here’s a clue. And if this guy’s right, the housing crisis, exacerbated by the foreclosure sub-crisis, a direct result of earlier profit-today-at-the-expense-of-tomorrow greed, will really wreck things. (Hint: The Dems may not be able to stop this but the Republicans restored to power will either make it worse or destroy a major tenet of the legal system.)

The first government waste to be cut are handouts to hypocritical pro-small government recipients of government handouts like these assholes.

A minor defeat for Big Business. I’m sure they’ll win this one next time. Of course, if there really was a God, at least the Judaic and maybe Muslim one, this issue would never arise….

From the This is No Joke Dept.: TSA wants to play with nuts and balls; the human kind.

Leaders we need: Jennifer Carroll: Thief.

The Republicans’ plan for victory: Buy votes. In part with foreign money, a major wrong in the old days. (Elite Media douchebags: I did miss your prominent coverage of this didn’t I?)

Surprised? Tom Donahue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce leader and Mr. Tort Reform is a serial plaintiff of frivolous lawsuits and asshole.

What else is burning my butt: The infantilization of America. We’re such a bunch of babies we can’t accept that a five year old should actually be capable of knowing what she shouldn’t do. Please. Enough of this idiocy, this nation of retards.


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