Holy 1948?! The Triumph of the Traitors is Apparently Inevitable

Doomed! Political reality. And it’s likely to get worst and then maybe never better….

Doomed! We’re becoming Japan — i’s not just Krugman, the Times makes it officially so on the front page. (On the other hand, the same front page has this idiocy.)

Another victory for the growing United Police State of America. (Link.)

Thanks to HuffPo for pointing out the obvious in the mortgage crisis: Make a mistake in your papers, you get rejected. The banks, having screwed up so broadly, get a pass. (After lending unwisely, so to speak, in the first place, essentially defrauding borrowers.)

ABC News quits the fact business for the horseshit business. Here’s the proof.

Anderson Cooper does a journo’s job.

Retard: Jonah Goldberg.

There you go; an answer to the coming Triumph of the Traitors Republican blow-out:

This is amazing: Apple is the number 4 cellphone manufacturer in the world, after three volume crappo manufacturers; the only one of the top four doing only smartphones. Forget my love for Apple and the iPhone; what’s significant is that it shows the triumph of the smartphone.


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