Who Will Win Election Day? The Corrupters of America. Who will Lose? Just About Everybody

No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar. — Donald Foster

Doomed! Still: The guys making policy don’t know what they’re doing and they’re simply wrong.

It’s going to worse than Prof. K. says. And he’s wrong to say that after next week’s Republican blow-out, we should be afraid. Actually, the problem is nothing constructive is an option….

When they regain power, the Republicans want to do this wonderful thing for America. Note to Obomba: This is what we get for your gratuitous, stupid “bipartisanship” in which you empowered the destroyers of America. And at the moment, I’m unsure whether it’s so awful.

Screwing homeowners: Obomba sounds right when he says undeserving homeowners shouldn’t be helped. But he’s wrong: What’s wanted is in fact a system that helps the deserving and indirectly helps homeowners not in trouble by shoring  collapsing home prices. Requiring those suing to foreclose to prove they’re the party entitled to the relief and enabling bankruptcy judges to modify mortgages ensure that, yes, only the deserving get helped. Of course, HAMP only helps the banks.

The EFF sues the government to prove it needs to reduce our freedoms even more. (Link.)

I’m sure the capping of Deepwater Horizon would have been a disaster if handled by the public sector. Thank God Haliburton handled it. Oh, wait — it’s a Fail? Is that possible??

Shameful: That great immigrant-hating bill in Arizona? Drafted in part by private prisons who wanted to increase business.

Shameful: It’s not just Rand Paul supporters who are violent psychopaths but all Teabaggers.

Clearly, I’m missing something: When someone runs on a platform of chastity, a life as a slut is fair game for exposure. Otherwise, of course it isn’t. This outing of Christine O’Donnell is fair game. Indeed, not running with it would have been wrong. Still love you Christine!

Reminder: When China rules the world, it’ll because they were enabled by Westerners maddened with greed. Could this have happened without Western enabling?

Micro$oft’s latest quarter shows that without the Windows and Office forced sales, they’re nothing terribly successful or profitable.

Coming soon all over the NBA?

This makes me a Secons Amendment absolutionist:


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