A Citizen Surrenders?

Sad but true but it isn’t but it is:

Democrats: ‘If We’re Gonna Lose, Let’s Go Down Running Away From Every Legislative Accomplishment We’ve Made’ (Link.)

I’m considering not voting this cycle. The best I got last round was a grossly inadequate stimulus, relief for home lenders at the expense of homeowners, fiscal reform devoid of all reform, a gratuitous consumer protection agency when it’s laws that are required, and a crumb of healthcare reform passed at a time when real reform could have been had (no time to explain but Obomba and the Dems essentially passed on making a real effort for reform — here’s a big clue why). In the cases of the last two, they can be perverted by inappropriate appointments and maybe strangled with inadequate budgets. Weakened Dems will do even less. Given that, how much worse harm can Republican victories provide? Really? That’s the question. We already have great destruction of wealth, significant weakening of the middle class and longterm near-doubling of unemployment. How much worse can it get (although the Republicans are already on it). In other words, for us progressive-types, it’s a lose-lose election. Who knows; a Republican victory can set up another 2008, this time done right….

Watch Obomba defend his failed leadership here. And this is a) not coming out and b) not enough.

Doomed! An arch-capitalist agrees with Prof. K. Do the math….

Flash! Our leaders now run for office solely for the money and as for us, drop dead.

Note to self: When working on treatise of how and when America collapsed, add the Clarence Thomas story, the triumph of absolute cynicism and disrespect for institutions.

The Elite Media’s inexcuseable failure on the Wikileaks Iraq dump, explained for the simple-minded. And more on the Times’ individual Fail here.

The Right’s obsession with quantifying everything is pretty much just a delusional sickness.

The Afghan Fail: “Quagmires don’t just go away.”

Teabaggers: Question’s not whether they’re sick but whether they’re all sick. This is indefensible thuggery. And then the assailant makes it even worse. They fully deserve the country they ignorantly believe this is. Id America really wants to be led by Paul, Miller, Angle, O’Donnell and the other sickos, maybe America deserves them.

Teabaggers=brainless puppets.

Retards: Sen. Christine O’Donnell and her primary campaign manager, Jonathan Moseley. Leadership America needs.

History has proven whether Ballmer’s right:

(More here.)

Murdoch’s Fail.

More on Firesheep. And how to protect yourself.

I found these rather funny.


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