What’s Wrong with this Post? Nothing, Everything

Why liberalism is essential.

And open note to confused Professor K. (who’s right where he isn’t confused): Some simple steps to the foreclosure/housing bubble crisis: Require plaintiffs to prove up front entitlement to request foreclosure i.e. they’re the proper party entitled to foreclose. Require loan mods (I know why the banks are against them but in a normal world, the lenders should suffer a little punishment for bad acts; do the crime… and all). Alternatively, if a homeowner requests court leave for a short sale, grant it. Part of the problem is lenders who lent at inflated prices; why they shouldn’t give back that “inflation”…. As a nuclear option, allow homeowners to go to bankruptcy court and request that the mortgage get wiped out or modified like every other debt. Lenders, don’t worry: Our leaders would never sign off on any of this. The preceding is merely a short answer to what should be done.

Election 2010 will also be stolen by the Republicans by simple violence:

See how corrupted your candidate is here.

Technological breakthrough risk of the day.

Props to these four SF Bay area Gold’s Gym franchises for putting their money where their mouthes are.

Google=evil: The video. Is Eric Schmidt even creepier than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer? I’d maybe say so….

A big clue why Micro$oft can get so little right. More here.

How pride is being restored inAmerica: By letting the inmates out and putting them in control:

To me, the Yankees  are the very embodiment of all that’s wrong modern America: Money is all:

Is this some sort of joke? It can be real, in this era.

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