Genuine Direct Action: Needed Even More Now

May have linked to this before can’t be linked to it too often: Matt Taibbi on the dishonesty, stupidity, duplicity, danger of the Teabagger Party.

Atrios predicts, and I’d bet on him being right:

I imagine decades of no job growth could pass and we’ll still be mocking Japan for all their policy mistakes and their lack of “tolerance for creative destruction.” You know, how they engaged in policies designed to prop up their bankrupt banking sector at the expense of the rest of the economy.

Thanks to Republican policies of the past three decades, you can now spend your twilight years filing for bankruptcy. Of course, had Beloved Leader and his masters succeeded, even more would be filing. How do restore pride now? (That was a joke. When the Republicans and their teabagging puppets say restoring pride they actually mean jingoism. You know, pride like turning on the Xylon-B pumps in the concentration camp, or taking on the job pictures at Abu Ghraib.)

Doomed, because the Republicans and their master busted the system. Simply, people would make money by investing in something, then profiting from their enabling of a profitable enterprise, or just by lending money and having it repaid with more than lent. That changed and now the big profits are with speculations and selling of the loans, so their is no incentive in anything connected to reality. That’s busted.

Sure, maybe the foreclosure crisis, bank ineptitude division, is fixable. (Link.) Of course deliberate lies about the lawyers exposing and dealing with the banks’ lies and ineptitude does no good. Bank of America is facing a $47 billion bill for it’s Countrywide having sold crap mortgages. How sweet: Speculators buy with satisfaction guaranteed. An estimate of damage being faced is here. Query, though, whether this is an isolated area of failure or endemic. Surely the banks are involved in other comparable investments, by which I mean loopy speculations? The long version of the crisis is here.

Scumbag: Republican CFTC Judge Bruce Levine.

How Iraqi WMDs can be found: redefine the term to potential weapons of limited destruction. The kind of crap only idiots would go to war over.

Josh Marshall is dead wrong about this: The stupidity of Williams’ remarks clearly evinces a defective mind unworthy of a platform, which is to supremely fireable, not to mention imbecilic insensitivity. That said, I’m willing to agree with Josh if I’m allowed to believe and say that every time I see a person of color I fear for being a victim of violent crime and that each and everyone terminally suffers from the pathology of slavery and just, you know, having African blood. If such idiocy is supposed to be okay for NPR and their commentator, I say it’s more than good enough for this humble, near-anonymous blogger.

Correction to TalkingPointsMemo: of course Christine can serve on any committees she wants when the Republicans regain control of the Senate in the inevitable coming landslide.

The sickness that has driven (okay, partly) our nation insane — this is not a joke:

Leadership we need; leadership we’re getting:

Another leader we need: Policeman-molester of underage girls Jeff Perry.

How the Republicans are stealing Election 2010 in case lies don’t get enough votes: Spend, spend, then spend even more.  Get votes thrown out.

People really thing Christie’s against the Hudson tunnel for any reason other appearing to be a small government, big project-cutting Republican, no matter how harmful a decision? The tunnel would Jersey minimally at most and benefit thousands or more. This all about one selfish piece of garbage and nothing more. Good choice, Jersey — the same kind of retarded decisions that will be made in dozens of elections in two weeks.

Oops! Iran hasn’t only won in Iraq but in Afghanistan too. I guess pointless wars are really hard to win….


A flashback to when times were still good, when America was still America:

This brought very close to a laugh.



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