The WikiLeaks Iraq dump: Damn straight it’s the site of the day.

The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get. — /.

You've been warned: The difference between the parties is narrow but significant. Beloved Leader brought us a historic financial and economic crisis, the gratuitous loss of freedom, and two money-draining pointless wars. And when the Republicans regain power, they'll make things even worse. It's up to you.

Did I say the Republicans will make things worse when they regain power? How would you like this?

Flash! Things are already getting worse.

Witches now allowed at the Air Force academy, gays still not.

Latest evidence piracy increases sales. Evidence to the contrary is still missing. But of course, in an arguement, the rightists never need actual facts.

Doomed! Because William Lind is the kind of leader we accept: Hateful, stupid, crazy.

The African middle class: There’s one and they’re here.

What a surprise: Civilian deaths during and after the liberation of Iraq were higher than our leaders announced. Please don’t be surprised by the revelation.

What a surprise: Has Iran thanked us yet for giving them control of Iraq?

I am happy to note that the Yankees got their asses kicked.

Asshole future leader of America: Meg Whitman.

Assholes: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas. Didn’t know the issue had remained opened all these decades….

As Christine O’Donnell is me (and being Christine O’Donnell would be, for me, an improvement), what’s the solution?

This page offers the Times help in hiding facts.

Google tax dodging = evil. Me, I think Eric Schmidt as CEO means the company is absolute and complete evil. (That said, love Gmail, Google’s better than Bing, and I may set up a business domain via Google apps, but evil’s evil.)

This Juan Williams controversy: That NPR was stupid enough to hire a retard like him doesn’t mean they’re wrong to fire him for being so awful. It’s called correcting an error. Vile piece of garbage.


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