Still Clearly No Improvement

A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. — Mark Twain

Watch this. No, really:

Past twilight for America:

This is how the right wingers distort the truth out of anything. They can’t create, they can only lie and destroy.

Life in these here United States: An advanced placement class where they teach students to be retarded instead of advanced. (Link.)

Obomba fails once, twice. (But remember, when the Republicans regain power it will be even worse than during Beloved Leader’s reign.)

Just in case there was any principle to the Teabaggers, here’s a reminder that they’re just believers in reactionary stupidity.

Pointless liberal bleating.

Free elections in America less free than ever.

Copyright fascist wants you stupid and ignorant. Okay, let’s boycott Universal Music.

Books are dying and this book will be the obit. Yes, it’s sad.

Oligarchy comes to the UK.

This dropout from the Obomba White House believes doctors need a license to kill. You really think that would make out awful healthcare system better in any way?


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