Clearly, the Leaders We Desrve, What’s Needed for these Times

Asshole fake man of the people: The Teabag candidate for whom only a $138,000.00 Mercedes S63 AMG is good enough.

Racist retard: Sharron Angle.

Retard: welfare cheat Joe Miller.

Asshole: Joe Miller.

Retard: Christine O’Donnell. What we need: More leaders who don’t know anything about the Constitution. Then again, who needs it in a Christofascist banana republic? Clearly, becoming a Christofascist banana republic is the most important thing in the world and the one true solution to our problems of destroyed wealth and a doubling of unemployment.

Actually, banana republic or oligarchy — which will it be, because a healthy democracy is not one of the choices.

Read how the Republicans buy their way into power.

Victory in Afghanistan. For the Taliban.

Apparently Obama cut our taxes but the elite media passed on the story, preferring to let Limbaugh and the rightwing lie machine deal with with horseshit instead. (Link.)

Maureen hasn’t gotten the message yet: Knowledge is dead, other than the knowledge to patronize.

(About the video here.)


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