Democracy is Essentially Dead but We’re Still a Great Banana Republic and that Has to be a Source of Great Pride for Us All

I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery. — TSA victim Houston-based pilot Michael S. Roberts

Life isn’t worth living, unless it is lived for someone else. — Albert Einstein

Well, the source of the deficit is pretty obvious. And since we live under a thoroughly corrupted government, the wrong solution is aimed at the non-existent problem and focuses on powering and growing the cause instead.


Doomed by bullshit:

Many economists remain confident that the United States will avoid the stagnation of Japan, largely because of the greater responsiveness of the American political system and Americans’ greater tolerance for capitalism’s creative destruction. Japanese leaders at first denied the severity of their nation’s problems and then spent heavily on job-creating public works projects that only postponed painful but necessary structural changes, economists say.

Doomed by the complete failure of Obomba:

As NAME ISSUE HERE has come to light, the Obama administration has resisted calls for a more forceful response, worried that added pressure might spook the banks and hobble the broader economy. (Related link.)

Asshole: Joe Miller. Disgraceful. Although, I suppose, not particularly unique.

Assholes: The Republicans. Bankrupt the nation with two pointless wars. Destroy the wealth of tens of millions of Americans. Doubles the unemployment rate for the indefinite future then refuses to do anything but to exacerbate the problem. Erode our freedom. And is now stealing Election 2010. (More here.) Restoring pride? In what? The false beliefs of imbeciles? The world’s largest banana republic?

This is shameful, disgraceful, and inexcusable.

Look here for America’s growing poverty.

I guess the moral of this is whichever Republican you vote for you can elect a retarded whore for Big Business and someone who doesn’t care about America.

Hateful bigotted asshole: Ken Buck.

I guess the opposite of when everything goes right is everything goes straight to hell forever.

This is evil. Placing ads of everything you look at is in fact more than bad enough. But monetizing and controlling knowledge that would otherwise be free? That’s evil, so Fuck you, Google.

Life in These Here United States: Here come Christofelons!

Coming: 7″ iPad. How do I know? Jobs insists there will never be one.


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