Our Freedoms May be Reduced Since 9/11 but at Least Our Freedom to be Ruled by Corrupt Leaders is Greater than Ever

It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. — Bertrand Russell (Me too.)

Talk about darkness at noon: Our reward for Obomba re-empowering a battered GOP: They regain power. Lucky us.


Damn, the smartest guys in the room really screwed up the housing market. I wonder what they’re working on now? (Link.)

Doomed! Because democracy doesn’t have a chance when one party has many times the funds for lies and the Media Elite chooses to be fair and balanced and leave an unlevel playing field.


Goodbye, democracy. Ain't no democracy where these are the only votes that truly count.


When the Republicans regain control, nothing will be done to resolve this problem. Actually, it may all get legalized first.

The awful quality of leadership in our nation.

Again, to keep it simple, without a solution or any fix for the crisis of the collapse of the housing bubble, the economy’s recovery will be limited if at all. The middle class took an enormous financial hit. Between that and essentially flat wages for decades with the resulting need, proper or not, of living on credit, the economy will going nowhere without a little substantive attention paid to those problems. (What got me off is here.)

The foreclosure crisis sweet and simple. (props to William Cohan; makes for his idiocy from the other week.) It’s great that billions of taxpayer money went to the creators of the problem instead of their victims. And it’s not like this hasn’t been flagged for years… just didn’t get the Media Elite’s attention. And actually the problem is worse than that. It could be a massive disaster. Maybe this massive.


She additionally stated that major servicers’ voluntary foreclosure freezes mean two things. First, this problem “is big, and it is serious,” and second, the voluntary moratoria represent evidence that “the issuers themselves are trying to get this problem solved,” she said. — Elizabeth Warren

Question of the day:

There are ways that this can make sense. Properties become empty before foreclosure actually happens, and a moratorium might limit peoples’ willingness to purchase foreclosed properties. But, still, has there been any step taken with respect to housing which wasn’t in the banks’ best interests? Any? Serious question. (Link.)

FYI: The failure of our schools is broad and holistic. There is not a single problem and therefore not a single solution. And it starts with the contempt for knowledge and rightwing hatred of a functional public school system (and by functional, I mean one that doesn’t teach rightwing lies or trains kids to only be cogs).

What I want to know: Carl Paladino: Without gaming federal funds, exactly would this free market paradigm be?

The web as we know is is doomed so enjoy it while you still have time.

And now for a sliver of a silver lining:

This is amazing:


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