Reminder: This is a Non-Partisan Blog

Non-partisan because facts are non-partisan. A is A, to coin a phrase.

Doomed! Because this reality cannot be perceived by our Big Financed-beholden leaders:


(Click on the image for the story behind it.)


Toldja! Big Finance doesn’t invest, they speculate. You’ll have to Google this but it was interesting that when CIT, which provides businesses with short-term needed financing, was on the ropes, the Gumint didn’t deign to lift a finger. When the speculators wanted Gumint handouts, the money was there. Do the math, smart one!

Doomed! Our Leaders don’t believe the foreclosure fraud crisis is a problem or anyone’s been hurt by it.

Doomed! Twilight for America. It’s a fact. Corrupted leadership and, in a democracy, an ignorant electorate, do that….

Doomed! Because this is our future class of leaders:

I now support Carl Paladino. Here’s why. Personally, I don’t think being an asshole per se disqualifies one from running for office or even being elected. It should, but not ncessarily per se.

President Mitt (“Say Anything”) Romney extorts his way onto the best-seller list.

A source of hope? Princess boy. More typical, sadly: This.

The most amazing music video I’ve seen today:

This’s entertainment:

I find the original iPod an amazing creation and what flowed from it even moreso.




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