Irrelevant Glimpses of Sunshine…?

He is truly wise who gains wisdom from another’s mishap. — /.

A front page story based on polls three weeks before an election…. Hallucinations (which may prove correct or not) are newsworthy…? Of course, this is the same paper that had no problem running utter horseshit, unverified, from Judy Miller (a buddy) and Jayson Blair (a young reporter in need of special support). Certainly this idiocy is as front page-worthy….

Can it that people don’t really perceive Fox News as a source of, you know, news? Read this and decide for yourself. Or this.

This cannot be good news.

Doomed! Because the foreclosure fraud crisis will be mishandled. The good news: A temporary floor for home prices, no?

Real Special Interests supporting Republicans to destroy America.

Big Media love for Dick Cheney causes Fail. Surprised?

Asshole: Pat Sajak, rightwing retard.

Really, in defense of the Big Media, they do have a lot of time to fill and since they don’t want to use it on substance and depth, they instead have to fall back on idiocy like this. I mean, when I want news of importance, this is the garbage we’re all looking for, hence the collapse of their audiences…:

This conforms with what I heard about Springsteen in the early 80s. Just saying.

If this happened tomorrow, I wouldn’t be bothered in the least:

Dunno whether I should apologize, but stuff like this — the relatively destitute making incredible things out of, well, junk and garbage — fascinates me:

This too:

This made me laugh.

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