How Will Our World End? Let’s Count Some of the Ways….

I don’t go looking for this stuff… it’s just out there….

The foreclosure crisis is huge. I don’t mean all these people falling behind, I mean the fraud behind the foreclosure suits. And when I say huge, our leaders are weak enough and/or stupid enough and/or corrupt enough to create a TARP II — and this is what’ll trigger it:

And many of these mortgage-backed securities are cheap. So in an interesting scenario you could see hedge funds buying MBS for pennies just for the option to sue firms that are likely backstopped by the government. (Link.)

This is scary, this how our democracy is dying.

We are all being treated like we’re enemy agents. And this one way they spy on us gratuitously: on the FaceBook. Be very, very careful whose requests you approve. And it may get worse….

Demopocalyse 2010! Polls that exclude cell-only homes skew Republican. The pollsters apparently haven’t figured out the huge bias nor have our ever-alert media. In other words, everything about the coming Democrat disaster: baseless horseshit. So again: Who needs the Big Media journos?

Flash! Washington Post unsure whether or not gay teens should kill themselves.

Poor retarded rightwing scientists: It’s not just nature but nurture. Genes fail to explain everything.

A little fun:


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