Short. Not Sweet, Just Short.

They are all Rick Sanchez: Was it really such a project for the Elite Media journalists to discover that many Americans feel that both parties failed them?

Is it surprising that reform-free healthcare reform that essentially mandates giving money to carriers that screw people out of actual coverage maybe isn’t so popular? Of course, real reform is clearly needed, not expansion of a flawed system.

Doomed! Because getting awarded the Nobel for economics doesn’t qualify one by Republican standards. So what do you think the odds are this guy gets past the Senate?

Hateful retarded asshole: My next governor, Carl Paladino. Here’s more of his wisdom. Can’t wait for his taking office….

Any point whatsoever to this other than a gratuitous insult? Michael “KatrinaBrownie” Brown takes offense that some papers refused to run it.

The copyright police are destroying history. Great way to destroy history and keep us stupid and easier to control, which is to say great for a healthy democracy.


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