Short but Loaded with Substance (and a Little Fun)

America to stop teaching kids.

Welcome to reality — the real healthcare crisis: How the world really works as opposed to the one pols and the media whores lie about.

Some real history, now the lies of Texas.

Clarence Thomas is ethically-challenged. One of the great unprincipled whores of modern politics? This is news?

Scumbag assholes: The Republican’s alternative to Park51: Another titty club. Clearly, the party of family values and other morality. And I’m sure that retarded liar, Christie O’Donnell, supports this.

Christian retard Albert Mohler.

Dear Rick Sanchez: Saying you shouldn’t have said the retarded remark you did is not the same as saying that what you said was wrong. You’re still a stupid shit who CNN was not only right to fire but should never have hired. (Link for those who care — Sanchez isn’t one of them.)

This is effed up. But it’s Canada, so we needn’t worry yet, not that it can’t happen here….

Two flavors of funny in one video:


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