Dysfunctional World


Hero of the day: Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo



An obit for America:

By refusing to pay for essential investment, politicians are both perpetuating unemployment and sacrificing long-run growth. And why not? After all, this seems to be a winning electoral strategy. All vision of a better future seems to have been lost, replaced with a refusal to look beyond the narrowest, most shortsighted notion of self-interest. (Link.)

Needed more than ever — a new scandal: Approved meds from Big Pharma? Not really so well studied before being put on the market. Safe? Maybe? Actually effective? Not quite. (Link.)

The road to victory in Afghanistan — has been built yet:

Asshole: Andrew Shivrell, less than human homophobe.

Retard: Chris Christie. Jersey’s good fortune; soon, we’ll all have Chris Christies running our states!

Running from the crazies is not leadership.

Campbell’s Soup (Canada) to non-Islamofascist terrorist Muslims: Drop dead!

Asshole: Joe Miller: Yet another hypocrite happy to take government money he condemns. When are any of these assholes actually going to practice what he preaches?

Proof the avant-garde is dead: Trendy Vanity Fair just learned President John Sidney McCain III is a stupid, self-centered opportunistic, lying asshole.

Is this a sign of some major collapse in Big Business — that they just can’t spend a pittance to do things right, the profit motive is that perverting?

More old news: No more “Of the People, For the People” — now it’s strictly “Of the Wealthy, For the Wealthy”. Robert Reich just realized this after a couple of decades — which is still a hell of a lot sooner than Big Media, of course. Their owners are too busy bankrupting their “properties” to pay too much attention to anything that requires real reporting.


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