The Solution to Everything Wrong with the World — Our Salvation! — is Here

You didn’t here much about this because it wasn’t promoted and led by a sick right-wing America-hating psychopath:

So I was alluding the other day to the collapse of modern capitalism. This is maybe how it happens: an inexcuseable housing bubble is created  (by lenders being hoodwinked by poor people taking on unaffordable debt to borrow more money than necessary to purchase homes, according to the predators’ apologists) and then the crap debt gets turned into “financial instruments” based on complete lies because there is such a huge transfer of wealth upward the money just has to be “invested” in something, no matter how insane (thanks to the Raygun counter-revolution in which the dynamic on which a healthy democracy is based — we’re in this together — is replaced by the triumph of the individual at everyone else’s expense). Now, thanks to their greed, the lenders can’t effect foreclosures because no one knows who owns the notes. And Our Leaders will make sure only the innocent pay for these crimes, not the guilty. I say this untenable in so many ways. (More on the Florida disaster here.)

This is in fact essentially a quote from a Times story a number of years ago: a poor dope with nothing defends tax cuts for the wealthy, to his own detriment. And this is now the mentality controlling our nation.

Corruption in action: The wealthy are getting a tax break regardless what happens with the sure-to-be-renewed Bush cuts.

Asshole (and worse): Larry Summers (and this too, which really shows what an absolute and complete of vile shit he is).

I understand how someone could be an asshole like this but what does it take to live with him?

The greatest couple of minutes in cinema about acting and storytelling (actually doesn’t make so much sense without seeing the movie, but I love it anyway):


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