Stupidity on the March, Like Sherman Through Georgia

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak. — Jay Leno

Wrong question asked here. Better: Has three-plus decades of wealth-over-all made students and their parents dead to morality in the obsession over obtaining wealth or at least living the life of the wealthy even if it can only be done by debt. That said, the kids involved are from cultures in which life is valued less than here. So maybe *these* kids are just assholes.

What an incredible shithead William D. Cohan is! Amongst people making their own mistakes as opposed to being lied into doing something foolish, I suppose the idiot fucker would add his former colleague. And it’s not just me: there’s him and him too, and we’re all right.

Major media star!

Damn, these media stars are incredibly stupid — like now-unemployed Rick “Suicide” Sanchez. On the other hand, his being replaced by an improvement is not likely, given our era…. As to the Elite Media’s echo chamber braying about this major event: CNN’s ratings continued their slide with him, didn’t they? And to state the obvious, if he was hot stuff — that is, an attraction — his show wouldn’t have been replaced by Eliot Spitzer, sans whore, and a blonde rightist chick. Go here to see how much his CNN colleagues respected him…. Bottom line: No loss.

Good news for homeowners: Bank of America joins the others halting foreclosures on their discovery of their massive fraud in the process.

How Big Publishing fails: Like all other big businesses, they get rid of who makes them successful so they go into death spirals….

This is crazy yet typical of what I suppose we can call late Capitalism. (Makes you wonder whether capitalism can collapse like the communism did.) Let’s parse this: A lawyer tells clients not to enter into agreements, later brings an action to regain copyright and wins. So DC has it exactly ass-backwards: No way were they offering all the benefits of half-ownership in the character which is what a court deemed the Siegels were entitled to. So from that perspective, Toberoff per se did nothing wrong. This is frivolous bullshit. And doesn’t make up for Warner’s failure to appeal the Larson decision.

Does this, well, explain Guatemala?

Less than an asshole: Mark Zuckerberg. An utter and complete shit? Kara Swisher:

“He’s young — and I’m nervous about that,” says Kara Swisher, a columnist who writes about Silicon Valley for The Wall Street Journal. “How many people has he burned, and he’s only 24? Even if he’s not culpable, the number of people he’s had problems with at a young age is remarkable — and not in a good way.”

And there’s reason to fear — Zuckerberg wants to violate us:

But that didn’t stop Zuckerberg from pursuing his vision of Facebook as a onestop social utility with global domination of the marketplace. Last November, he presented advertisers with a new program called Beacon that would enable large retailers to access a shopper’s Facebook page. Suddenly, a purchase of budget furniture on would show up as part of a user’s Facebook identity. For the first time, Zuckerberg told those assembled, advertising would become an integral part of social interaction online.

Meet your real leaders!

A thought: If when you now buy music you don’t own it but only lease it with numerous restrictions, only a few of which are sensible, then the only way to own your music is to steal it, yes? You know I’m right. And here’s another reason all this DRM and copyright fascism suck: the historical music record is getting destroyed.

I believe the moral of this is to just be scared of everyone:


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