Clearly, the Republican Rainbow Consists Solely of the Brown of Decay (and Other Things) and the Green of Overweening Greed

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.  — Gertrude Stein

Just in case you have any doubt that the Teabaggers are just a bunch of puppets manipulated by the Republican establishment that keep pushing policies the Teabaggers claim to hate, read this.

Yes, I know those those nasty little shits (to put it mildly) from Rutgers aren’t even facing manslaughter charges (inexplicably to me) but there’s at least this:

Then there’s this asshole:

I am already on record as stating that I'd love to see this guy in prison for life without parole but I'd be almost as happy if he became someone's target. He doesn't rise to the level of being a piece of crap.

What more is qualified to be senator than a corporate owner whose success is built on essentially killing key employees? I’m talking about you, Linda McMahon, homicidal asshole.

Doomed! Because policy is set based on slogans. Maybe Our Leaders aren’t just corrupted by greed but also this stupid.

Doomed! Update; yeah, it’s exactly this simple, ditto the fact nothing’s being done about it, Our Leaders are cool with this:

Major advanced economies are still reeling from the effects of a burst housing bubble and the financial crisis that followed. Consumer spending is depressed, and firms see no point in expanding when they aren’t selling enough to use the capacity they have. The recession may be officially over, but unemployment is extremely high and shows no sign of returning to normal levels. — Professor Krugman

Of course, when Our Leaders are turned into complete idiots by greed and self-interest, why should an idiot who’s a pathological liar be considered unqualified to lead anyone?

Photographers have rights. (More here.)

There’s a reason Texas essentially sets national education policy. (Link.)

The latest reason I hate Mercedes-Benz: Turning Martin Luther King, Jr., into their huckster.

Apparently anti-piracy lawyers are thieves. Meanwhile, there’s a little push-back.

Another great Android feature: Follows you around and tells advertisers where you are.

Let’s see: Reality shows are scripted and attract freaks, pathologies. So where’s the reality? Who’s more real: Kate Goselin or one of them bachelor/bachelorette or celebrity rehab freaks or Ziva David?

This is unacceptable. And I’m sure it can happen here in the Land of Homeland Security.

Our protectors bitch about a UFO:

They spy.

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