The American Recovery Starts Here (I Wish that it Would Start)

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. — Carl Sagan

Great ad, great movie. Click on the image for director Arthur Penn's obit.

(Another obit is here.)

Clearly, the gap between rich and poor must be expanded so… because the Republicans want it! Is any more reason to vote them back into full power needed than that?

We live in an amazing world. Everybody has big budget deficits and big easy money but somehow the world as a whole cannot fully employ itself. … It is a serious question. We are no longer talking about a single country having a big depression but the entire world. Former Fed Chair Paul Volcker. Good news: No one listens to Paul Volcker.

The Republicans are clearly our saviors. They will save us from the awful disaster they created by continuing their disastrous policies and maybe even expand them. They are supported by simple ignoramuses:

Another Republican who must lead us:

(More about this paragon here.)

Doomed! Because the guys who know aren’t setting policy.

Asshole: My next governor, Carl Paladino.

The face of a scumbag: James O'Keefe. Kids, this is what a turd looks like.

Scumbag: James O’Keefe, another deranged, retarded Republican (or, to paraphrase Mark Twain, but I repeat myself).

Say it isn’t so: The teabaggers aren’t independent patriots but simply Republican stooges??

Look! A democracy even less healthy than modern America’s!


This would almost make me change my position on capital punishment. Sadly, I’m with Mario Cuomo: Life without parole is so much more awful and doesn’t put us morally on the level of killers.

This is the most important website you can visit today.

I hate Queen but this might be as cool as it gets:

One damn cool radio!
Ad of the day, for sure!

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