Still MIA: Reasons for Hope that the World will Return to Normal

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. — Sidney J. Harris

The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. — Havelock Ellis

The story of our lives, sadly....

Doomed! Again, it took the government stimulus of World War II to take America out of the Depression extended by the premature ending of government deficit spending and stimulus in the late 30s. Our stimulus was woefully inadequate. And it looks like it may be choked to death soon. Now do the math and you too can predict the future. (Link.)

Who’s Iran’s BFF? Our freedom hating leaders! No lie!

No surprise: Republican proposal is empty of specifics, contains only empty rhetoric.

No surprise: Non-believers know more about religions than believers.

No surprise: The idiocy of a rightwing, Republican idiot “journalist”:

Asshole: Gratuitous Islam-hating hicktown supervisor Bob McCarthy.

This piece by U2’s manager on “how to save the music industry” is bull. Briefly: No facts to support the alleged harm or piracy. Me, I think the overwhelming majority is people trying what they wouldn’t buy. In an era of no opportunity to try before you buy — precious little new music can be heard be heard for free like on radio in the old days — and limited wealth, these issues are not addressed. His solution, to the extent there is a coherent one proposed, is like the old media’s solution: settlle for receiving an inadequate sum because it’s more than free even though it’s nowhere near enough. Too, he aims for what I call the 1% solution: Something good for the elite 1%, and worthless for everyone else. Indeed, he overlooks working musicians. And as part of the 1% solution, I suspect he knows nothing about modern working musicians. (When Rock and Rap Confidential and Dave Marsh endorses this guy, I’m sure I’ll change my mind. Til then….) And let me just add that this is, unsurprisingly, the kind of pompous idiocy one might well expect from the manager of a (talented!) band whose hubris-stoned, modestly educated frontman sets up a company to manufacture clothing sold as mad in Africa, outsources nearly all manufacturing to China, then when caught in this dishonest scam (understandably yet inexcusably) has nothing to say in defense, nor, as an allegedly observant Catholic, bothers to confess to his sin, as it were. Then again, he thought he could get George W. Bush to do something of modest principle.

Headline of the day: “Delhi deploys ‘super monkeys’ for Games security

What else is getting screwed up?

Sad? Funny? Can’t say myself.

Aweesome! Incredible:

(More about the video here.)

A parable for our times.

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