The American Establishment Continues its War on America


This is what you need to know: important people have no special monopoly on wisdom; and in times like these, when the usual rules of economics don’t apply, they’re often deeply foolish, because the power of conventional wisdom prevents them from talking sense about a deeply unconventional situation. — Prof. K. (To which I’d add that they don’t care and there’s no personal reason for them to care.)

The War Against American Freedom continues: The FBI’s inexcusable raids of homes of peace and labor activists. It’s the old days of J. Edgar Hoover: The FBI goes after whoever the director wants, doesn’t bother to identify or go after true threats. And add to this the Pentagon.

Yes, fight the system; nothing very much left to lose:

So. Obomba can’t actually figure out what’s going in Afghanistan and what needs to be done and, generally, how to do it? He can be confused by his advisers? He’s that stupid? And this about the Afghanistan Fail is too depressing to read.

Doomed! Watch this and learn:

Doomed! Because the lenders are driving down home values.

Apparently Big Banks have been socialized (tip: use Google to smash through Rupert’s paywall). Can’t wait for it to trickle down….

Who’s freer: The U.S. or the United Arab Emirates? Apparently, not the U.S. (Longer version here.)

If the Elite Media can’t condemn this, there is no need for them. Yes, to me it’s that simple.

What New York needs — an inept outsider (this is of course going to be an election cycle of awful versus slightly less awful):

What Congress needs: A cold-blooded murderer.

Farewell to Lake Mead. You could say, I suppose, it’s going to Hell….


My dream residence.


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