Surely You Can’t Expect Things to Get Significantly Better?! Specially with that Contract on America Out There

From the D’uh: Stating the Obvious Dept.:

I’m someone who used to have a bit of respect and deference for The People In Charge. You know, Senators and such. Now I think most of them truly suck and worry that elites are going to destroy the country. — Atrios

Re Election 2010: If you want things to improve — see, for example, Atrios’ quote above — who do you vote for? If all you want to do is keep the destroyers from regaining (electoral) power, the answer’s obvious albeit questionable. If you want anything more, well, there is nothing to vote for. Now, explain how that situation can be explained to be part of a healthy democracy. (Of course, not voting isn’t an option either.)

Doomed! If one cares to learn from history:

The 1920s opened with an 18-month recession, an eerie parallel to the 2007-9 experience. It ended with the Great Crash of 1929. — Simon Johnson

The failure of Our Leaders.

Assuming all our leaders are corrupted by the moneyed elite, what else would expect other than this? Why the surprise? For a corrupted pol, it’s all about him, not the party, not beliefs, not the people of the nation.

The American Death March:

It’s great O’Donnell’s avoiding all media outlets other than Fox Nooz. They preach solely to the converted. Everyone else can say what they want — proven facts like she’s crazy, a creep, and a thief.

What amuses me, I’m sorry to say: Blaming the collapse of the housing bubble on sub-prime borrowers. You know, the lenders were pressured by the government to make the loans, the government who ensured there’d be no financial loss, the lenders who were making the loans for the fees because they were going to flip them anyway. (Link.)

The fiscally irresponsible Bush tax cuts must be extended because they were such a failure in the first place that the failure must be magnified. (Link.)

Retard: Loretta Sanchez (D.-Calif.):

Scumbag? Pinal County, Arizona, Deputy Louie Puroll.

See here a list of those who get executed in this nation fighting two pointless wars that both involved upending of societies.

Where’s the elite media crying because their forums and their careers are headed down the toilet? (Flash! CNN headed further down the toilet to complete irrelevancy.) Lies that are destroying our nation:

What else Americans believe:

Now you can be amused:

From the WTF? Dept.; What is this guy on??

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is coming out in just a couple of months and just as Microsoft has done on the desktop with superior choices like Windows NT, they will quickly dominate the mobile front as well. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is programmed completely in the industry leading .net programming language and augmented with the unmatched Silverlight technology providing an unrivaled technological platform with which you will only be limited by your imagination for the applications you can develop. Why play around with a tired platform like ios or android (an operating system only tech geeks can use and understand), when you can go with the undisputed leader in computer technology that is Microsoft. Furthermore, the MetroUI as seen on the ZuneHD audio player makes androd and ios look like sad anachronistic throwbacks. No serious developer will even touch aple and googls stuff when Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is unleashed. (Link.)

I unapologetically love Meggie:


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