Look! A Flash of Genuine Leadership Amongst the Dross

Tell me this isn’t a sick, sick, sick era we live in?

This is what leaders used to be — human beings, not pathological retarded freaks:

The case for a large estate tax. If she had to earn a living, maybe she wouldn't have time and/or money for drug abuse. At least she wouldn't be all over the gossip media.

Far more typical as a leader is an utter piece of crap of human being like David Vitter, a scumbag who enables his aide’s girlfriend beating. Or gay-bashing enabler Saxby Chambliss.

Just in case you’re naive enough to think the Republicans give a shit about you: They don’t and here’s proof.

Why am I not so surprised that people were evicted for no better reason than the person whose job it was was to make sure the supporting paperwork was proper didn’t bother to do his job? (Link.)

Just another Elite Media Fail. Inexcusable.

Looks like the Elite Media’s pre-Labor Day (which is to say pre-campaigning) declaration that Election 2010 has ended with a Republican blowout will quite possibly prove to be less than fully accurate.

Query: Why would anyone give Big Business the benefit of the doubt and not assume they’re always lying? (Link.)

Assholes: The Fail that is T-Mobile.

I'm sure this image would do anything but make anyone nauseous.

(More here.)

To me, this is funny.


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