Yes, They Have All Failed Us All

Election 2010: The first election where neither choice is at all attractive? The destroying Republicans versus the impotent Democrats?

Asshole: President John Sidney McCain III — yeah, yeah another hateful Republican dumping for no good reason on gays, but he’s leading the hate for no good reason. Actually, it seems to be even worse than that.

Doomed by assholes like Raghuran G. Rajan, a liar and dead wrong.

Assholes: The MPAA. This time, because they’re selling the proposed hateful ACTA anti-counterfitting bill as a means by which government can keep secrets from being revealed. (Link.)

Retard: Harry Reid. The latest stupidity, an old theme. If someone asks my senator, Kirsten Gillibrand who the dumbest shit in the Senate is, what’re the odds she says Harry Reid? I say pretty good!

Retards: Team Obomba — doing everything to alienate their supporters and Dem voters.

American Justice: Cop texts, speeds up to 125 mph, hits and kills two girls, put on paid leave, busted, pleads guilty, gets probation for the vehicular manslaughter, now files for worker’s compensation. (Link.)

Damn! The miracle of the parting of the Red Seas? Maybe just nature in action; science, not divine intervention….

From the Equal Time Dept.: Is there any doubt the Iranian government is a bunch of freedom-hating assholes?

(Click to enlarge.)


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