Just Looked Out the Window and, Yes, Still Twilight in America

There is always more misery among the lower classes than there is humanity in the higher. — Victor Hugo

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. — Elie Wiesel

If there’s any question your mind that the America of the past is history, read this and weep.

The Republicans don’t have to be Teabaggers to be sick America-haters. See this. Absolutely indefensible.

Mainstream journalism hits a new low of ineptitude. Very simple: If it can’t make their audience smarter, more knowledgeable, it’s a failure. And the mainstream media, by and by, don’t do that. They make their audience dumber.

Schools, too, are excelling at making kids dumber than they were when they entered. The latest failure is here. Shameful. (Hey, the mainstream media are playing this one up, right?) Doubt that they’re succeeding in teaching Dumb? Here’s proof!

Life in these here freedom-disappearing United States (more here):

Does President John Sidney McCain III actually believe in anything substantive? Is that why he’s a chronic serial flip-flopper?


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