The Post that restores Pride in America


The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in Heaven. — Mark Twain

I am screwed. Or maybe I can game the system a little and go out on Social Security disability benefits. (Full disclosure: I’d much prefer a real job at a reasonable rate of pay but if not that….)

Liberal PBS pimps for the Teabaggers — imbalanced like Fox.

Doomed! Consumer debt is just sitting there, not getting paid off, except by defaults (and presumably bankruptcy):

That means consumers managed to shave off only $22 billion in debt through the kind of belt-tightening we typically envision. In other words, in the absence of defaults, they would have achieved an annualized decline of only 0.08%. (Link.)

Talk about all things political in this country really is less than shallow…. (Link.)

So the poverty rate leaps upward and the Republican substantive response is…? Anything? Tax cuts for the rich that have essentially no trickle-down effect?

Was HAMP deliberately designed to fail? Maaaybe. How HAMP fails — chapter and verse — is here.

Since Obomba hates his supporters, can we hate him too?

This just in: Obomba’s reform-free healthcare reform may be even worse than we thought and in the process of being made worse. (Link.) When Team Obomba failed to take advanced of the economic crisis to design true reform and sell it as a Godsend for the middle class and small businesses, I began to worry….

We will “win” in Afghanistan when they have their own Teabagger party. Oh, wait, they kind of do — the Taliban. (What set me off is here.)

Real Americans discussing issues maturely. That’s not these Republican monkeys leaders:

The insane avarice (out-of-control greed) of Big Business — it’s simply demented, psychopathic; latest example: Intel. Buy a processor then keep paying to use it as you want once you’ve bought it.

Look at this: Afghanistan’s new best friend: Iran.

Asshole: President Mick Huckabee healthcare for sick Americans: Drop dead!

Life in these here United States:


Just a suggestion…:

(Now I think maybe all these sons of the former Confederacy should be required to renounce their allegiance to all things Confederate and swear to support and uphold American beliefs in order to have a right to vote and, I dunno, protections of the Constitution and stuff….)

This is so wrong in so many ways -- except it made me laugh.



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