The Raygun Golden Age Having Lead to Global Disaster, the Republicans Fight to Bring a Yet More Golden Age of Greater Disaster

Direct from November 2012: President Palin's victory speech. Congratulations, my fellow Americans on your fine choice!

Doomed! Republican fiscal irresponsibility for Dummies. Now needed more than ever. Not.

Yet more Republican crap here.

Doomed! The lie that is Republican financial austerity here. It’s only a lie to keep people suffering, and of course get more capital to the speculators who have impoverished tens of millions.

American Justice: Republican prosecutor hits on domestic abuse victim.

Never addressed this but the long delay in rebuilding Ground Zero, leaving it as Martyr Central, has been something I’ve railed against. It is just so wrong. And attracts too many tourists. The latest Fail is here.

Sad. This used to be a person of some principle (albeit decades ago). Sad how corrupted she’s become (and yes, I’d love hearing the same from Republicans — this is no aberration):

Doomed! because of assholes like Evan Bayh:

We’ve all earned this I’m sure:

Feh. Not sooo impressed. I drove through one in Riverdale in August:

Twilight (me, I far prefer digital but my 14 year old doesn’t):


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