Republican America Restores My Pride in My Nation. Not

I bite. Is this the face of someone who can head a reliably competent news outlet? If you need any clues, click on the photo.

Right for once. In your dreams....

Thank you, Republicans, for your destruction of America. Keep up the historic great work.

A tragic day which brought out the worst in our country. Not right away, but once evil people saw opportunity to exploit it for their own dreams of destruction. — Atrios on 9/11

Took about 2 days after 9/11 for conservatives to recognize who the real enemies were: dirty fucking hippies.Atrios on 9/11

It’s just this simple; why don’t Our Leaders get it:

With 11 million homeowners underwater on their mortgages and 3 million more already foreclosed, we have to assume, given the average household size, that some 40 million Americans are feeling mighty strapped. The numbers grow to an overwhelming majority when you take into account the distress of all homeowners, who have watched the value of the family nest egg dwindle even if they substantially paid down or paid off their mortgage debt. And this very widespread feeling of being suddenly much poorer is a nationwide scourge that has dramatically cut the appetite for consumption that drives the economy. (Link.)

That’s a lefty analysis quoted. And over from the capitalist side, there’s this:

To me, keeping existing homeowners in their houses and making their interest payments lower should be the single biggest focus of this administration. (Link.)

To which I’d only add that much as the Obomba administration is failing to do this, the Republicans would be even less inclined to do the right thing.

Mission Accomplished! Abu Ghraib rape victims later “honor killed”.

Welcome to Third World America.

Thank you, New York Times, for your front page story telling me that John Boehner is a whore. I’m just so shocked by this hitherto unknown news… I mean, what modern pol is not a whore, Republican leaders most of all?

“Stone Cold Killer” Linda McMahon: What America needs….

This is of course who the Teabaggers should be fighting against for freedom except the oppressors are the ones financing these self-styled “freedom fighters”.

Doomed! Because it’s twilight for civilization, the Dark Ages are returning.

Cute; deluded but cute.


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